Article Writing and Marketing- Bank Cash by Writing Articles For Others

In the field of article marketing research, or being a Internet marketing consultant you will likely deal with many different companies or individuals with articles for sale. It could really be worth your while to become the go to guy/gal with articles. These articles are used to generate web traffic to sites with affiliate internet marketing. Which in turn make a profit for the people who have products or services offered.

How do people get information on the internet? What methods are the most popular? Knowing this data is the basis of this type of consulting business and the base for an ad driven internet economy. I will outline the basics of article marketing research here for you.

Say your company sells water skis and you would like to have some internet advertisement done. It would be of little effect for your ads to go on to websites with litter box cleaning information. If you do not have an extensive budget for the online advertisements; then it is smart to be more particular about where your money is going.

How is this achieved? Most people use search engines to locate the information they need quickly and reliably. So if a consumer enters a search in for slalom water skis they can easily sort and find exactly what they are looking for. However it can cost money to be listed as a sponsor site with the top search engines. Other companies offer ghost written articles on different subjects for varying amounts of money. With these cheap articles written specifically to appeal to the search engine specifications, you can drive the traffic to your site.

Webmasters who specialize in article marketing research are paid by several different vendors to have advertisements on their pages. The traffic is driven to their sites and to their advertisements by the search engine results tailor made by the ghostwritten articles. Ghostwriters can offer their services on sites like or

How does this benefit the consumer? This process puts relevant information at their fingertips, while also putting the advertisements on their screens as well. This leads to a higher percentage of people who visit your site actually spending their money there.

This opens up the opportunity to be the go to guy/gal for articles. You can either write them yourself or pay an outside consultant a set fee for writing these articles. By using another person to write the articles it can  free you up with more time to market the articles you have bought. It also allows you to build up contacts with reliable writers who have a wide array of special interests.

With this combination you can be the go to guy/gal for articles and help drive profits up for you, the vendors, and the web masters. This also greatly benefits the consumers by saving them time. It is a win win situation for all involved.