How To Crack The Internet Marketing Bank (Driving Traffic)

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The internet has a wealth of information to all kinds of people. You can find things and research the internet to see was new and what’s going on in the world. For a marketer this is like gold because you can reach more people now than you could 20 years ago. Life it self is not changing it is the speed that is changing in our lives. We get thing so much faster that we forget to slow down and smell the roses. So we know that people surf the web everyday for one thing or another. As marketers we have to find out what they are surfing for and get them to buy from us. This is a game that is played on the internet everyday. So to get to my point you need to find away to drive traffic to your website. This causes several question to you, how do I do this, what am I going to sale, and who am I going to sell it too. OK lets get into it traffic is what you need for your website. Traffic is how many people are going to your website everyday.

Traffic is not that hard to do if you know how but as I researched on my own I have found out that it is hard to get started in this type of business you need help to do this. So you need to find someone to help you and I have found that e-zines are great for information they have people who do that very thing. So read those articles from experts that know how to do marketing. OK on traffic there is some free traffic sites that can help you get started if you go to Google search and type in free traffic it will pull up all kinds of traffic sites you can look at and register with.

But before you do this let me tell you a story about doing this and the mistakes I have made in doing so. When I went to these traffic sites I started registering in all kinds of traffic but I did not check my URL to make sure it is the right one. So all those sites I registered with were not working for me and I did not find this out until 2 weeks have gone bye. So I had to go back and fix each one but I could not remember all the ones I have gone to. So I when to my email to find the email they have sent me and I forgot that I did not set my email to save my email when I log out that was my second mistake. But it gets better when I went to the sites that I remember that I register to. I had to redo my URL and my traffic credits started over so to make a long story short 2 weeks down the drain. So make sure that the URL that you register is the right one and that your email is saved on each one you register. Don’t be like me and blow your time and get no where. I have learned from that mistake and gone on so when you make a mistake and think that you can’t do this.

Just remember that even we experts make mistakes too. I also got register with a traffic site that has a automatic refresh on it what that means is that it will refresh ever 18 to 25 seconds on your browser But you have to keep your browser open to do so. What I have learned to do is I will open my browser and start the traffic counter and then mimes it to my task bar. Task bar is the bar that is on the bottom of your screen in blue most of the time. But be careful some traffic sites have you click each time it refreshes. That’s why I like the automatic ones you can drop them down and work on other thing as well and still make credits for ads for yourself. This is a slow way of doing it. But if you don’t have the money for traffic this is away to get started and make some traffic for yourself. Then when you start making money then you can register to the paid traffic sites and drive more traffic to your site. But don’t just do this alone.

I will be doing 25 articles that will help the average person to understand marketing and how to get started with little or no money. Just remember with out money in your budget for advertising you will go very slow at first. So start hitting those traffic sites and start driving traffic to yours. I hope this helps you get started and keep looking for how to crack the internet marketing bank in the future for more help and tips.